Proud to be a tea-sippin' nerd of a mommy!
Proud to be a tea-sippin' nerd of a mommy!

Life as a collector...

Oh my how I used to love to find stores had recently stocked their shelves with the latest Star Trek action figures.  I remember my brother and I sifting through the racks to find the most mint in the box, most sought after/rare figures.  


Now my multitude of figures sit in my closet and storage area.  They reside, still "mint in the box," in Rubbermaid containers.  While it would be awesome to display these many figures, I've had to only select a few allowed to decorate the occasional book shelf.  And of course as a mother of two collecting figures just because is really not an economical option for our family.  That's totally fine.


I loved collecting figures, trading cards, glasses, or other rare items (stamps, night lights, lunch boxes, etc.).  However, its definetly something I've moved passt.  Though I may post a few photos online just to give them some recognition!  


So what's your #1 collected item?  Did you also once suffer from the bite of the obsessive collector/hoarder bug?  My answer is most definetly yes.


PS - No, the above photo is not of my house.  It was at a Star Trek exhibit featured at Mall of America last year.  Awesome photo though, right?  I'm feeling very commanding!

This is me in 2002.

The conventions...

Anyone else make it to Star Trek conventions?  My family and I sure did.  Wow!  Were those a treat!  Items to collect AND actors to get autographs from!  It was definetly the place to get my geek on!  The above picture is the Lt. Cmdr. uniform I had made for me in junior high.  Heaven forbid anyone I knew see me wearing such a nerdy thing, but now?  I'm happy to display my geeky glory.  


I'll post more later including stars seen and a few pictures when I scan them in...


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