Proud to be a tea-sippin' nerd of a mommy!
Proud to be a tea-sippin' nerd of a mommy!

The Nerd Block Returns with a Force!

I have to admit that Nerd Block has really stepped up its game.  Since beginning its latest Block, the SciFi Block, the items have really hit home for me.  In fact, I've been finding myself suspending my Loot Crate subscription quite often recently.  Mostly, the themes are not quite my style.  I've also enjoyed delving into the Kids Block.  My daughter has enjoyed the Girl Block.  However, I have noticed that Classic Nerd Block items often spill over into the Kids Block.  So while that has been a bit disappointing, overall the items are ones I do not mind having doubles of, like a BB8 plush.  The Force Awaken items have been a particular treat.  So surprisingly, while Nerd Block initially failed to impress, its really been gaining momentum.  

Here are some Pop Vinyl figures which are pretty sweet.  I actually wanted to buy these for myself!  Nerd Block provided just what I wanted!  My favorite character from Firefly was definitely Cpt Reynolds (because Nathan Fillion is da' bomb!).  And Luke is just awesome.  If I had to pick my favorite characters from the original SW, Luke is up in the top 4.  I was very pleased with both of these items (Reynolds from the SciFi Block and Luke from the Classic Block)

These items came from the Classic Block, and both were a delight.  It looks like there were different options for both, and I got the one I liked best!  This has not happened in previous blocks, so I felt extra special in the month of December.  The Endor mouse pad is cute and is from my favorite SW film.  Plus, the ice cube trays will make a great addition to the Han Solo trays I already have.  I look forward to using these items both as handy little tools but also fun expressions of my nerddom.

So besides the Pop vinyl fitures, these were the other items contained in the SciFi Block & Classic Block.  Its an impressive assortment!  From a Tribble screen cleaner to a paranormal investigator patch to Captain's insignia so we can roll like Spock, these blocks definitely were the best from the rest.  The only item I do not like is the Kylo Ren shirt.  Its a very sweet design with excellent coloring, but I dislike the character.  Otherwise, this would probably be something I would wear.


Next month's theme, I'm just not sure about.  It has items that are not quite my genre.  You'd think I'd be into Dr. Who being the sci fi fan that I am, but I have not watched an episode and really do not have the time for a new TV show.  So while this next month's block I may skip, I must say the Force was strong in the month for December for Nerd Block.  


PS - Sorry for the blurry image.

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