Proud to be a tea-sippin' nerd of a mommy!
Proud to be a tea-sippin' nerd of a mommy!


by Shari Arnold

It’s been four months since seventeen-year-old Livy Cloud lost her younger sister, but she isn’t quite ready to move on with her life... until she meets the mysterious and illusive Meyer.  Livy spent her free time at the Seattle Children’s hospital reading to the patients and holding onto memories of the sister who was everything to her and more.  But after spending time with Meyer, she is drawn into a world of adventure, a world where questions abound.  Is she ready to live life without her sister?  

Or more importantly, is she brave enough to love again?

I received an advance review copy from publisher via NetGalley. A HUGE thank you to NetGalley & the publisher for this opportunity to read and review.

"Live as if they're going to tell stories about you," he says


**spoiler alert**

I've always believed that magic still exists in the world. And I love books that explore the possibility of truth hidden within tales of myth. Not only does this book contain these elements, it also adds beauty to the magic and to the stories. There's a lot to enjoy!

The J.M. Barrie quotes are perfectly chosen to set the tone for each section of the book, especially "For to have faith is to have wings." Part I introduces and grounds the story heavily in its emotion and relationships. Part II is gorgeous. I loved the colors and energy it contained.  Its definitely a place so pure and innocent that only children belong within its borders. Part III then wraps things up wonderfully.  As the author's final words state, "it feels like living."

My only gripe is that at times the crush-blushing and "explosions" of emotional highs and lows felt a little overdone. I do understand this is a YA book and that I'm an adult who's happy she's done with that stage of life; but a few less so-long-they-became-uncomfortable pauses would have been nice. It made the language and emotions feel re-used at times because the characters never learned how to overcome a few uncomfortable pauses until the very, very end. It just happened over again in the next chapter. 

That being said, this book is beautiful. Its overflowing with emotions that spill out of the pages and fill your heart and mind. It is entwined with love that reaches beyond death. It is imaginative and sweet and forgiving and timeless. I very much enjoyed it. I had started this book after starting two other stories, but this one quickly filled my time as I could not wait to read more. The author's language is fluid and purposeful. The characters are vibrant and deeply felt. The plot is emotionally driven and so enduring. I very much enjoyed the experience this book gave me. Thank you, Shari Arnold.

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