Proud to be a tea-sippin' nerd of a mommy!
Proud to be a tea-sippin' nerd of a mommy!

Ancient History


I am most fascinated with ancient Egyptian history.  Their society was a marvel and a long-lasting one!  So many monuments that stand today still whisper to us of their former glory.  Flecks of paint can still be seen.  Stories are still told on their walls.  There is so much to discover.  I love learning about the latest development and understandings of the ancient world!

New timeline for origin of ancient Egypt:


WOW!  Very exciting stuff with regards to the first dynasty of kings from ancient Egypt:




I LOVE this!  Ancient DNA is being unveiled!  Family lines are being drawn!  This is an exciting story to follow!  Just click on the link below!





























It seems that for thousands of years, mankind has been obsessed with building Pyramids. All around the world you can find hundreds of huge, triangular monuments dominating the landscape, (e.g. Central America, Greece, China and Egypt).

Compelling studies suggest that many of these pyramids were aligned with astronomical events, such as solstices, eclipses and even the Earths own hemispheres. Many of these pyramids were also used as tombs for great kings and emperors.

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  • Tina (Thursday, May 21 15 09:04 am EDT)

    Been around the world and eye eye eye, I can't find my baby~SB...I too long to be a world taevelrr. Africa, Europe, Trinidad and Tobego, The Figi's you name it, I want to go... Thankfully I have been
    fortunate to see a few places in my day which has truly expanded my thinking about humanity and America.... I think that everyone in the States should be afforded the opportunity to leave the country
    atleast once in his or her lifetime. Unless of course they are on house arrest. It can make a world of difference. You go!

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