Proud to be a tea-sippin' nerd of a mommy!
Proud to be a tea-sippin' nerd of a mommy!

Some Ancient Egyptian for you...

Because knowing is half the battle (not slaves):

Holy crap!  New theories on King Tut's death!  Check out this link:


I may have to do some serious rewrites to my fiction story!


Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaohs



An inscription states the name and title of the coffin’s occupant— Nehemes-Bastet, Chantress of Amun


Check this out!  I just read the article in my archeology magazine.  This is SOOO exciting as a mummy has thus far not been found for so many years!



The coffin was carved from sycamore wood and decorated with hieroglyphs

Underwater Exploits

There are so many exciting finds around the world centering around ancient civilizations. Recently, I've been reading a lot about discoveries underwater. Underwater archeology is a wonderful branch that seems so underappreciated. I read a lot about its technologies and discoveries when the Titanic was found (my first historical love! -- Before Leo, by the way). Now they're finding so much more about ancient Roman and Greek cultures. Of course, many discoveries of Cleopatra and the city of Alexandria are deep below the waters as well. Its exciting to read about these new discoveries, and I look forward to seeing how the field advances. Perhaps they need an Under the Sea Indiana Jones to make it popular? As a fan of Michele Moran, she put up this article, which I thought would be fun to share:

I also subscribe to Archeology magazine. Its got TONS of amazing articles and up-to-date research. I'd recommend giving it a once over to see if it would peak your interest as well! This past issue had surprising scant information about ancient Egypt, but there are so many other realms to explore. I'm sure next issue will give me a little more of my favorite topic! But related to the above underwater topic, this issue of Archeology actually has a piece about preserving underwater specimens! Check it out!


There is so much buried in the depths of the Earth's seas, lakes, and oceans... So much we have yet to explore. Mr. Robert Ballard really started it all, at least for me, and continued to make amazing discovery after discovery. He innovated the way underwater archeology was done. To be honest, where was it before him and before Titanic? I think we're only just scratching the surface of this giant, blue, churning world. There is so much excitement, and we should all be watching carefully!


To quote some of Mr. Robert Ballard's words --

"We came around the corner and it was in my view port. There was this wall of steel. Like the slab in 2001, like the walls of Troy at night. It was just big, the end of the universe. It just was there as a statement. We came in and I just looked out of my window -- I had to look up -- because the Titanic shot up a hundred and some feet above me. I'm down at the very keel, and I just went 'My God.'"


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  • Siti (Friday, May 15 15 12:03 am EDT)

    Still not sure about Narnia and global wmirang :-? I think Edmonton, Alberta is an excellent place for a Narnia exhibit to be, considering in the books Edmund(hint, hint) has an Aunt Alberta(bigger
    hint, hint) in the books.

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