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Maud: A Novel Inspired by the Life of L.M. Montgomery

By Melanie J. Fishbane

Lucy Maud Montgomery isn’t sure where she fits in. She’s lived with different relatives since her mother’s death and is now in the care of her grandparents on Prince Edward Island. She loves school and dreams of attending college and becoming a published author. But it’s the early 1890s, and her grandfather doesn’t think it’s right for women to get a higher education. When Maud, a Presbyterian, develops a relationship with the Baptist minister’s stepson, Maud is sent away to live with her father and avoid a scandal. Unfortunately, her new stepmother is anything but motherly. When Maud’s inept teacher begins to call on her as a suitor, Maud knows she must find a way to support herself if she’s ever to make her dreams a reality.

Maud’s ambition and hard work to get her writing published, while still a teenager and against gender constraints, are inspiring but I worry teen readers will find it hard getting drawn into Maud’s historical mindset (e.g., there’s no talking back to adults—even to stand up for yourself). This is my only minor concern with the book’s young adult categorization. However, the author wisely includes a short section at the end describing the time period and why some plot choices were made.

Fishbane’s historical research is thorough and comes out beautifully in the narrative. Additionally, the spirit of Montgomery’s writing breathes subtly within the pages. You do not need to read L. M. Montgomery’s work to enjoy this story. Knowing it will enhance your experience, as many parallels can be seen, but this novel stands on its own. I immensely enjoyed the book and would highly recommend it; it’s a very well-written story about a girl discovering what she wants out of life and love. For Montgomery fans: this is where Anne of Green Gables begins.

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