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The Mystery of the Jeweled Moth (The Sinclair's Mystery #2)

By Katherine Woodfine

This is a whimsical middle-grade story involving mystery, theft, high society, and even murder, in which four friends attempt to find a missing jeweled moth. In this second book in the Sinclair Mystery series set in the Edwardian period, Sophie Taylor and Lilian Rose are teenagers working at Sinclair’s Department Store. They are approached by a young debutante who read about their earlier detective work and enlists their help recovering a missing item: a jeweled brooch in the shape of a moth. She fears anyone discovering the pin is missing—it was a gift from a gentleman—and hopes the girls can recover the item before her coming-out ball. But as the four friends follow the curious trail leading up to the brooch’s disappearance, they learn the criminal mastermind they crossed in Book 1 may be involved in a more sinister plot. Then the friends meet a girl from China Town who has a secret about the moonstone diamond set in the brooch’s center—it carries a curse!

This is a fun tale with great historical details and characters. Everything is plausible and well-plotted.

There were only a few things I did not like. First, the illustrations, particularly those of people, look they belonged in a children’s coloring book. While the front cover is great, the pictures inside are too immature for this story. Second, the year is never mentioned.

All in all, this is a fun, fast-paced story with enjoyable characters and a delightful mystery. I would definitely read more of this series. Even though I did not read Book 1, I had no trouble enjoying this book. I would recommend it for readers young and old!

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