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The Unbroken Line of the Moon

By Johanne Hildebrandt

Translation by Tara Chace

The 10th-century Nordic lands are locked in a war between the Norse gods and Christianity. Sigrid, a chieftain’s daughter and devout follower of the old gods, is being offered as a peace bride to secure a profitable alliance. Through nightly visions provided by the goddess Freya, Sigrid learns of her destiny: to give birth to the king who will unify the Vikings and Saxons. But danger lurks in every shadow, threatening to destroy this future.

Across the Baltic Sea, Sweyn seeks acknowledgement from his father, the King of Denmark, who raped his mother and soiled her reputation. Now a well-regarded Viking warrior, Sweyn journeys to his father’s land for restitution. Once there, he’s captivated by the beauty of Sigrid, who is passing through to her future home. Sigrid, however, is shocked to discover Sweyn is the man from her visions, the father of her son, whom she assumed was her betrothed. Uncertainty plagues Sigrid until she meets Emma. During a Viking attack on the monastery where she lived, Emma is saved from death by the Norse gods and becomes host to a powerful spirit sent to protect Sigrid and her unborn child.

In this novel, told in epic fashion, these three become embroiled in the battle for control of the Nordic lands. Reward comes only after great sacrifice. Hildebrandt’s depiction of this culture comes without apology. It’s a savage world with brutal people. Graphic content is high and includes gang rape, burning people alive, casual sex, and battle violenceThat said, Hildebrandt’s meticulously crafted world and three-dimensional characters coalesce to form an absorbing read. Sigrid is a fantastic heroine, carrying her plotline proudly alongside the fierce Viking plotline. It will satisfy Game of Thrones fans with its spellbinding, well-paced narrative involving rich mythology and political intrigue. However, this book is not for the faint of heart. 

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