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Historical Fiction I Love!

While most of my reviews so far are all historical fiction (my favorite history), there are lots of other books out there both fiction and non which you might want to look into!  Here is a list of a few I would recommend:

(while more in depth reviews have their own pages)


Feel free to check out my public group: "Its OLD School – Ancient Style!" for more recommendations and reads other history fans love!


The Lost Tomb


By Kent R. Weeks


This nonfiction book is fantastic. It was my first true archeological book, and it is a great read! Very well narrated!


In 1995, an American Egyptologist Discovered the Burial Site Of the Sons of Ramesses II--This Is His Story…

Dr. Weeks, an Egyptologist with the American University in Cairo, draws on his own diaries, as well as those of his wife and foreman, to describe the excitement and risks that surrounded the most significant archaeological discovery of our time: the burial site of the Son of Ramesses II.


The Empire of Darkness

by Christian Jacq



Jacq has a lot of books out there, which I look forward to reading.  This book is more simplistic than other historical fiction out there, meaning you won't get so lost in the names of people or places.  I can't say its my favorite piece of Egyptian fiction, but it is very good nonetheless and has some very beautiful illusions in it. 


Jacq is very good at spinning a tale through time. The pace was very good. While it would have been nice to include the year in the chapters, it did not deter from the plot. He has the talent and knowledge to bring the ancient world to life. I think it took me a bit of time to get into Jacq’s writing style, but I did really enjoy the book. Its great to see this period of Egyptian history being tackled as there are very few historical novels set in this period. To bring this princess to life does a service to highlight the roles of women in history. Nefertiti seems a bit of a mouse compared to this lioness queen! Ahhotep was a name I never knew before this book. Her life was a “bit” idealized in the story, I realize, (Ahhotep had two sisters, Seqen was Ahhotep's brother, Ahhotep had at least two daughters), but what an intriguing story it made. To be honest, the entire novel is screenplay in its effort and depth. But as I have a theater background, perhaps that is why I enjoyed it as much as I did!

Fated: Torn Apart by History, Bound for Eternity

by Carolyn McCray



Besides the fact the author seems to have a fixation on taut nipples, I really, REALLY enjoyed this novel. Loved the idea of "the fated," and I want to read more of them as they intersect through time! The idea really pulled me in.  The star-crossed lovers, the strong characters, the colorful ancient world, I was wow-ed! What potential for an amazing series! Thanks for the historical detail and intrigue. I'm left wanting more!  Excellent e-book!



The Confessions of Catherine de Medici

By C.W. Gortner


What's this?  NOT ANCIENT fiction?  Well, yes, I do read some of those too...


I really knew nothing about the person of Catherine de Medici before this book. I read a preview of the book and was instantly hooked by the strong writing and detail of the time period. Its hard to fathom all that this woman went through.  (women in Ancient Egypt had more rights than women of this time period, crazy right?)


Gortner is brilliant in the way he makes Catherine comes to life on the page. You can feel her sorrow as her life is coming to its end and her children and friends are dying around her. At times you can get confused by the amount of characters in the court and political struggles around France. But I loved how the environment was shown changing around Catherine. You could feel the fashion changes and cultural thought changes. The detail was meticulous. Yet even as these things around her change, the struggle for power and religious turmoil around her remain constant for Catherine. The story was deeply emotionally written and was such a page turner. I enjoyed exploring France through her eyes and all that came with being royalty and a woman of that time period. Brilliant storytelling.


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