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Proud to be a tea-sippin' nerd of a mommy!

City of the Dead

by T. L. Higley

An unpredictable Pharaoh. An unprecedented pyramid. An unconscionable murder. When all the gods seem to be failing him, Grand Vizier Hemiunu must seek answers among a mysterious Egyptian sect who claim to worship only the One True God.

Higley pens a very authentic-feeling narrative set in ancient Egypt. The main characters live in the time the pyramids were built, which is during Egypt's 4th Dynasty.

Its all about the details for me! I liked the descriptions regarding the work site and the mechanisms used to build up the walls of the pyramid. The metaphors and imagery used all helped to bring to life this ancient society. Higley did a great job with characters and setting details.

The only thing that felt "off" in the story was The People of the One. While its not impossible that sects worshipping one god would crop up, as the setting is extremely early in the history of the recorded world and the fact that so many cultures around Egypt also worshipped multiple gods, I found the heavy influence of The People of the One on the storyline was out of place for this particular time. Yes, its true that the work force was pulled from all across the country and different nomes had different principle gods and forms of worship. But with the historical research I've done, I felt this group was a little too "futuristic" for this time period. While an intriguing concept, it seemed a little early in the history of Egypt to be tackling.

Higley has a talent for bringing to life the world of the past. I very much enjoyed this book. I love the concept of this series and cannot wait to see what else Higley has written.

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