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Proud to be a tea-sippin' nerd of a mommy!

The Henna House

by Nomi Eve

This is the story of a young woman living in the fascinating and rarely portrayed community of Yemenite Jews of the mid-twentieth century, from the acclaimed author of The Family Orchard.

**I won this book free in a Goodreads First Read giveaway, but all the opinions expressed are my unbiased honest review.**

This book is a beautiful melody that carries you along through the story. There are minor and major chords, but it all works together to create an engaging, gorgeously-written story. I will definitely be reading more by this author.

A preview for this book compares the book to "The Red Tent," and I would wholeheartedly agree. This is about a young woman surrounded by her faith but dictated by the men around her. She finds happiness, but she also lives through truly frightening events caused by those around her as well as by strangers across the world. 

The book starts in the 1920s and ends after WWII. I thought the last few moments in Adela's life were very emotionally charged. You're happy for the character, but its a bitter-sweet happiness. 

I loved the way the author described henna and how it influenced the outlook of the main character. She could see much within the hand-drawn lines and thus outward as she viewed the world. Everything to Adela was connected through the art and spirituality and ritual of henna. It was an enchanting description of her life and her world. It also provided some intelligent and thoughtful outlooks on events and actions of the past. 

The author was also able to describe characters not only visually but also emotionally. There is a distinct feeling you got whenever the confiscator would show up. As a reader, I could feel it in my gut. The author weaved in visual cues to amp up emotional undercurrents and really brought characters to life. The author's use of words to create pictures and emotions in your mind was done so expertly.

This book was wonderful. Thank you goodreads for selecting me to win this book! It sits on my shelf of my favorite "her" stories where strong women overcome immense obstacles and find a satisfying ending for themselves. 

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