Proud to be a tea-sippin' nerd of a mommy!
Proud to be a tea-sippin' nerd of a mommy!

From the moment Cale sets his eyes on Ava Johnson, he catches fire to their fates, locking them both in a wild spiral, tied to a world of betrayal and chaos.




I was hooked at the last line of chapter 1. And the book kept getting better and better. I was lost in it and enjoyed pretty much everything! 

This is a new exploration of dragon lore, and I felt it was very original. I really enjoyed the idea of a dragon’s core and the idea of it being sparked by a rider. Throughout the book as the dragon-rider pair got to know each other, a relationship was built on trust and familial love. This was not a relationship based on sexual attraction and was so much richer a story because of that fact. It wasn’t love that got in the way of situations or created unnecessary misunderstandings. The plot is driven strongly by the unique characters and their growth both individually and platonically. Ava is a great character who’s strong and intelligent. Cale is a bit like an Edward/Twilight-type character, intense and protective of his partner, but the two complement each other well. Their biggest obstacle is trust, and this wall is steadily chipped away through character struggles and sacrifices. 

I liked the different dragon types, the Anders Nest, the relationships formed, the Great Nest, the mystery of the infamous “pearl,” the battles, the wit, the humor, the belief in God by both human and dragon kind, the unexpected kindnesses, the shifts in points of views (i.e., the black dragon rider and Ava),… WOW! There is just so much to enjoy about this book! The only thing I'm not a fan of is the cover. I do not think it clearly represents what the book is about to potential buyers. 

I want more! When is the sequel coming out??? The ending left me satisfied but aware that there will(?)/should be more! There is so much potential! The last chapter was extremely well done. Combs is a very talented author. There is emotional depth, suspense, action, and lots of well-developed characters balanced to perfection in this book. I highly recommend “Core” and look forward to more from this author.



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