Descendants of Avalon 

Genie’s parents are getting divorced. And it’s all her fault. Her best friends, Beth, Mei, and Whit, convince her to make a wish at their small town’s antique fountain. Genie thinks it’s ridiculous, wishing for her parents to reunite. But she’s already ruined everything, so what can it hurt?

Turns out, it can hurt a lot.

The friends’ wishes draw the attention of magical beings, who capture Beth that night. In order to save her, the three remaining friends must trust a stranger who claims to know where Beth has been taken. All Genie, Mei, and Whit have to do is follow him through a portal into another world—Avalon, where legends like the Knights of the Round Table and the Lady of the Lake are real.

If they fail, Beth will be lost for good and the evil sorcerer who holds her will be free to terrorize both Avalon and Earth. Genie, Mei, Whit, and Beth must discover their own inner strength and unite together if they’re going to have any chance at saving both worlds and themselves.

Check out an interview of Genie, Whit, and Mei on their hunt to rescue Beth. They're calling out for help! See if you're in the neighborhood for a rescue mission here: 


Genie, Whit, and Mei (of Descendants of Avalon, by J. Lynn Else) – The Protagonist Speaks

Lost Daughters of Avalon

After weeks of not receiving news from their knights in Avalon, the Questing Beast abruptly appears on Earth and attacks Genie, Beth, Mei, and Whit. With its appearance, magic awakens within them. During their fight, Beth’s magic fails putting them all in danger. Help from Avalon arrives just in time to remove the curse over the Questing Beast and reveal a woman from Arthur’s time. When she sets eyes on Genie, the woman claims to be Genie’s real mother.

Shaken from the experience, they soon learn the knights haven’t contacted them because they’ve gone missing. There’s an ancient evil running amok in Avalon, and the people blame the four teens--believing its Merlin who’s loose and destroying their world. To make matters worse, one of Avalon’s queens, Viviane, has disappeared while researching the connection between Avalon and the four teens from Earth.

Genie, Beth, Mei, and Whit will once again face the dangers of Avalon to clear their names, rescue the knights, and locate Viviane. Using the elements of air, water, earth, and fire, the foursome must pull together and learn to combine their magic. Can their mysterious connection to Avalon help unlock their powers? If they fail, the worlds of Avalon and Earth could destabilize and end life as they know it.

Destiny of Avalon

A djinn banished long ago has found his way back into Avalon, and he’s taken Genie’s, Whit’s, Mei’s, and Beth’s parents hostage. In exchange for their lives, he wants an ancient artifact. With it, he’ll conjure a spell that will destroy all of time as we know it in order to restore something that was taken from him centuries in the past. Then, before anyone knows what’s happening, he snatches Mei, whose ancestral ties can help him unlock his palace and its sinister secrets on Bottle Isle.

With the lives of their parents and Mei on the line, Beth, Whit, and Genie will need to split up in hopes of retrieving the artifact while also finding a way to set a trap for the evil djinn. Queens Guinevere and Nimue, along with Whit and Beth, will travel to the land of the dead on an ancient Egyptian solar barge. Meanwhile at the Library of Ancients, as Genie is investigating ways to foil the djinn’s plans, something strange begins to happen to her. She’s aging rapidly and losing strength with each passing day. While Morgana searches for a cure for Genie, Viviane must try to unlock the djinn’s final secret: his true name. If they can discover that, they can destroy his power.

However, there’s one final task that only Genie can complete. If they’re to stand a chance against the djinn army to free their parents and Mei from captivity, Genie must find a way to awaken the land of Avalon.

My novels:

Book 3 of the Awakenings series was released 7/31/2021. Its the epic conclusion to the Avalong adventures. I hope you love it as much as I do! 

"Lost Daughters of Avalon" is book two of the "Awakenings" series.

Released: December 2019

"Descendants of Avalon" 

Released via Inklings Publishing. Its got girl power and magical adventures. 

Released: May 2018

"Heir of the Heretic"

("The Forgotten" volume 2)

"The Forgotten: Aten's Last Queen"

("The Forgotten" volume 1)

Reviewed and awarded the

2016 Indie Editor's Choice

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Long listed for the Historical Novel Society 2017 Indie Award.

Strangely Constructed Souls

a sci fi novella

released July 31, 2018.

The Girl from the Haunted Woods

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